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Jindal Naturecure Bangalore Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore is one of the leading Naturecure hospitals in Bangalore and we are the most sought after yoga centres in Bangalore and the country as well. We believe in naturopathy as a way of life and help our patients combat various disorders and diseases with the help of naturopathy. The body in itself has restorative powers and certain habits (dietary and lifestyle based) destroy the intricate between its fundamental constituent elements. Naturopathy is all about resorting that balance

We offer a lot of different treatments such as manipulative therapies, dietary changes, exercise, yoga and so on to help patients recover and following the same through their lifetime will help them stay healthy, fit and happy. It is to our credit that Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews from patients talk about how our treatment opened their eyes to the importance of health. This is something that we strive to do as health awareness is sadly lacking even among the educated folk. Ever since inception Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore has worked towards creating health awareness among the general public and has reached out to genuine patients irrespective of their economic background.

It is most definitely to this and our zealous employees that we owe the positive Jindal Naturecure Institute ratings and reviews patients and their families shower on us on popular social sites. Check out some of the reviews below.

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User Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore rated 4.5 / 5 based on 12 Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews Jindal Naturecure Bangalore Reviews Jindal Naturecure Reviews Jindal Naturecure Bangalore Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews


Very Kind and Polite Staffs

Initially, I booked two-week treatment at Jindal Naturecure Institute. However, because I got some essential work, I had to cut it down to one week. I called the office about three days before my date of admission and told them about my change of plans. The office staff were polite and helped make the changes. However, they told that this may not be permitted many times. I am happy with the way the people in the office responded to me and helped me out.

Read MoreSharwanand

08 May 2019

Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews

Doctor were very kind and patient

I’d been having irregular periods with pain for quite a while. It was also leading to other medical problems. Went to Jindal hospital for treatment. The doctors were very patient with me and answered all my queries and reassured me on my misgivings. Now I’m following all the diet and exercises recommended and after 3 months, I’ve not had any problems with my periods.

Read MoreMeghana

07 May 2019

Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews


Strict rules at Jindal Naturecure

Pros: Great ambience, Friendly staff, Professional and expert therapists, Affordable accommodation, visible results and improvements in health and state of mind

Cons: No mobile phones, you can’t go out for the period of your stay once you have checked-in, toiletries and towels not provided for bookings on economy packages.

Read MoreShivam Namo

07 May 2019

Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews

Good management giving maximum support for employees

I worked at Jindal Naturecure Institute as a naturopathy doctor for 5 years. The work environment is very conducive and we also get good support from the management. In terms of treatment, we had enough time to talk to each patient and give them full attention and plan the complete treatment for them based on various criteria. This approach gives me the satisfaction that I am doing justice for what I have studied and believed in. I thank the management for giving me an opportunity to work here.

Read MoreDinesh Babu

26 Apr 2019

Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews Jindal Naturecure Employee Reviews

Best Naturopathy treatment

Pros: Good campus, experienced doctors, advanced treatment facilities Cons: Told not to use mobile phone (though it is for our good, it is difficult), food is bland and tasteless Staying in Jindal Naturecure hospital for my treatment was very difficult in the initial few days because we had to get up early morning and eat only what they give. By the end of the week, I got adjusted to the routine and found that just getting up at 6 in the morning was making me so fresh and healthy. I recommend this hospital for anyone who wishes to get back to good health in a natural way.

Read MoreCaroline

26 Apr 2019

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